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Our NEW Guatemala Adventure Itineraries are below, and as you can see there is something for everyone - a Road & Boat Trip Adventure, a Luxury Romance Adventure, a Splash Adventure and a Mayan Adventure. Also, each of these itineraries can be easily blended and customized to suit your particular interests and budget.

Regardless of whatever itinerary you go with, you can rest assured that you will have a safe, worry-free, memorable, world-class vacation experience!

Many guests extend their trips by heading to one of the two oceans that border Guatemala. On the Pacific side, you can deep sea fish for Sailfish and Marlin or surf in El Salvador. On the Caribbean side, you can sail around the coastal islands of Belize. Whatever trip options you might be interested in, we will be happy to arrange it for you.

ROAD & BOAT Adventure and MAYAN Adventure


ROAD  & BOAT  Adventure

From the rugged comfort of a brand new 4-wheel-drive SUV, explore ancient Mayan ruins, discover spectacular natural wonders and climb an active volcano. Then boat Lake Atitlan and the Rio Dulce, once the ancient Mayan's water highway. Take this amazing "road less traveled" with Hugo - your driver and the best, bi-lingual guide in Guatemala!

This 7 day/6 night tour takes you on the “Route 66” of Guatemala. Starting in the beautiful, old colonial city of Antiguathe most visited city in Central America – you will journey out to some of Guatemala’s most amazing sights.

Lake Atitlan – A timeless water wonder surrounded by towering volcanoes and tiny Mayan villages.

Chichicastenango – Home to one of the world’s most famous outdoor markets, ChiChi literally “bursts” with life, commerce, color, and a large dose of Mayan Culture.

Biotopo - Guatemala’s largest natural wildlife reserve and a safe haven for the country’s amazing variety of exotic birds and animals.

Semuc Champey – A natural wonder that rivals all natural wonders, Semuc Champey is all one-of-a-kind cascading pond system in which a river runs under it and a tropical jungle. towers over it.

Rio Dulce & Livingston - Here visitors get a taste of Guatemala’s “Caribbean” side and as they do so they are reminded of just how culturally rich this amazing country is.

Activities/Options - Cave Tours, Boat Tours, Zip-lining, Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Volcano Hiking...

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MAYAN Adventure


See the breath-taking ancient Mayan Pyramids of Tikal. Delight in the incredible detail found in the Mayan Ruins of Quirigua, Guatemala and Copan, Honduras. With this 6 day/5 night adventure you also compliment your Mayan experience with a colonial one with time spent in Antigua, a majestic, 400-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sit atop a 2,000-year-old pyramid in the exact same spot where Mayan Kings sat on their thrones or watch the tops of ancient Mayan Temples poke through the jungle canopy at sunrise. Every soul should experience this during their lifetime!

Tikal - The undisputed center of Ancient Mayan Society, Tikal sits in the heart of Guatemala’s northern rain forest – making this sacred place the home of Mayan history as well as home to hundreds of species of monkeys, toucans and parakeets.

Copan Honduras - Often described as the 'Paris' or "Florence' of the Mayan world, Copan has some of most highly detailed and beautiful Mayan artwork found anywhere. What it lacks in size - versus the "Manahattan" of the Mayan world, Tikal - it more than makes up for with spectacular, well preserved Mayan sculptures and reliefs.

Quirigua – Nestled in the middle of a huge banana farm in south-eastern Guatemala, this small Mayan Site is well worth the trip, because it is home to some of the most beautifully carved and well preserved Mayan stelae sculptures in the world.

Activities/Options - Guided Mayan Tours, Mayan Ceremony, Walking Tour of Antigua, Volcano Hike, Coffee Farm Tour...

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Sunset over Antigua's Volcanos 


Antigua - Santa Catalina Arch


Lunch at Lake Atitlan


 Lake Shore - Atitlan


 ChiChi Market

LUXURY/Romance Adventure and SPLASH Adventure








LUXURY/Romance Adventure

See the very best of Guatemala while indulging yourself in the most spectacular and luxurious accommodations that can be found in Antigua, Lake Attitlan and Tikal - the world-famous center of the Ancient Mayan World!  You begin your 6 day/5 night Luxury/Romance adventure in beautiful Antigua, in a 5-star hotel built right into 400 year old ruins!

While many people think of Europe when they think Luxury and Romance, a few have discovered that Guatemala is a truly enchanting option which is not only closer, but also less-expensive. With its numerous Mayan and Colonial ruins – along with some spectacular and unique accommodations - it is difficult to think of a more romantic and luxurious place than Guatemala.

Antigua’s Santo Domingo Hotel – This unique 5-star hotel is built right into the picturesque ruins of a former convent. Each of the hotel's luxurious rooms has a mini-bar, cable TV and numerous other amenities. Vaulted ceilings, beautiful courtyards, fountains and plazas contribute to the serene ambience of the hotel which also houses religious treasures from the Baroque period. Of course the hotel also includes one of the finest restaurant and bars in Antigua, as well as a spa, a Jacuzzi, large heated pool, gym, sauna, art gallery and museum. (Medical services are also available on premise).

Casa Palopo is an elegant, hotel on the lake which was recently named by Conde Nast as one of the best hotels in the world. The rooms are sumptuous, as are the gourmet restaurant and deck which overlook the lake. This 9-room gem comes with a patio or terrace for each room, king or queen beds, Aveda bath products, Italian linens, and mini bar. Each room has a stunning lake view. Oh, and finally - they have two helicopter landing pads so that you can fly from the Guatemala City airport directly to this amazing hotel on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan!

Activities/Options - Golf (on a volcano) on a Pete Dye Golf Course, Full Spa Services, Tennis Classes, Private Helicopter Tours, Cooking Classes, Romantic Dinners, Horse Carriage Tour, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Bird Watching...


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SPLASH Adventure

Kayak Lake Atitlan, a 'water wonder' surrounded by authentic Mayan villages, or deep-sea fish Guatemala's beautiful Pacific Coast which boasts the highest concentration of Sailfish on the planet! Extend your SPLASH Adventure by adding some sailing and snorkeling in the islands of Belize, or perhaps a little surfing in El Salvador! Throw in a little time on terra firma (Antigua) and each of these week-long adventures is sure to have something for everyone!

For water lovers Guatemala really does offer it all – two oceans (Pacific & Caribbean), a spectacular lake (Lago Atitlan) and a “sweet” river (Rio Dulce). Following are few of our more popular “Splash” adventures:

Deep Sea Fishing - Did you know that Guatemala holds the world record in sail fishing? Join anglers from around the world and enjoy your days fishing for Sailfish, Marlin and Mahi-Mahi in the beautiful blue waters off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. In the evenings enjoy your impressive private fishing lodge just a few minutes away from Guatemala’s famous black-sand beaches.   

Boating Rio Dulce – Once the 'water highway' of the ancient Mayans, this river is now an international aquatic community that hosts pleasure boats from around the world. Additionally, Rio Dulce boasts some of Guatemala's most amazing natural wonders - a spectacular river canyon, countless bays and lagoons and a not-to-be-missed hot spring waterfall. Other nearby sights include the incredibly well-preserved Mayan Ruins of Quirigua, the remote beach of Playa Blanca and the unique music and culture of Livingston.

Sailing in BelizeDid you know that Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world? In Belize you will live and travel on a beautiful sailboat and spend your days sailing among the country’s many beautiful coastal islands where you can swim, snorkel, scuba-dive or just work on your tan.

Surfing in El Salvador – If surfing is your thing, then El Salvador is your place! Surfers from around the world travel to El Salvador’s many beaches to enjoy some of the best surfing that can be found anywhere!

Activities/Option - Whale Watching, Surfing, Diving, Snorkeling, Yacht Tours, Kayaking, Canoeing...

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