Yikes! I'm a Blogger!

I suppose it was bound to happen. I am now officially a blogger! If blogging is anything like my recent Facebook experience, I will soon feel like I have a second job. Facebook, however, also makes me feel a little bit like a 12-year old girl, so I am hoping that blogging will at least be a bit more manly! LOL!
That said, please know that for those of you interested enough to read my blog, I will do my best to give a real and informative report on my life here in the beautiful and quirky country of Guatemala. One thing you can count on - it won't be boring!
Your thoughts, comments and questions are encouraged,so don't be shy - tell me what you think or what you might want to know more about. This is my first blog, so any feedback will be helpful.
Lastly, I hope you will tell all of your friends about this blog and about George's Travel Club of Guatemala. Perhaps you might even consider making this website one of your favorite's. As you know, our success depends on our friends telling their friends about us.
Thanks, and adios for now! George

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